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How was Murad created?

When Murad launched in 1989 it was one of the first ever Dr brands to be created and that heritage is one that has stood the test of time. Let's face it, there seem to be more and more new Dr brands on the beauty scene everyday. Some are plastic surgeons, others are dermatologists. Generally they offer alternatives to cosmetic procedures, anti-ageing solutions and problem solving skincare.

The difference between Murad and other Dr brands is that Murad was created by a practicing dermatologist and pharmacist Dr Howard Murad. This means that when you purchase Murad, you are getting the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients combined with the latest skincare technology. Dr Murad believes in optimum skin health – that whatever your skincare problems and whatever your age, genetic and environmental skincare conditions can be treated. With Murad it really is possible to get great skin at any age.

Award Winning Products

Murad have won numerous awards from top glossy magazines for their innovative product formulations. These awards include an In-Style Editor's Choice Award for the Blemish range and an Allure Editor's Choice Award for the Murad Oil Free Sunblock. When you consider how many beauty products arrive on Beauty Editors desks everyday it takes a real skincare winner to stand out form the crowd!

Cutting-edge Ingredient Technology

Part of the reason why Murad is an award–winning product range is that it's at the cutting edge of ingredient technology. Dr Murad was the first dermatologist to discover the anti-oxidant benefits of fruits such as Goji Berries and Pomegranates. Dr Murad is also an expert on what treatment the skin really needs. For instance his Water Principle theory advocates that it is not the water you drink that's important for the skin's hydration but the water you eat in fruit and vegetables to retain the strength of the skin cells.

The Murad Recipe

At Murad we don't believe that just one ingredient or even one type of ingredient can do everything. So we have pioneered a formula called The Murad Recipe. This means that in every single Murad product there are anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators as this combination of ingredients will give the best results for your skin.

Murad – where skincare meets healthcare

Dr Murad specialises in specific problem solving skincare. Dr Murad has a three step approach to treating the skin. Firstly Dr Murad believes that you should treat your skin from the inside out with a healthy diet and by taking Murad supplements which can deliver greater quantities of vitamins directly into your skin. As you would expect with Dr Murad's dermatological and pharmaceutical expertise, he has created formulations for spots & blemishes, cell hydration, line and wrinkle reduction and skin firming and even sun protection. Treatments at your local Murad beauty salon using professional strength formulas can noticeably treat your skin. Then finally, by using appropriate Murad skincare morning and night you can continue to keep your skin in optimum health. Each skincare line also has three steps; cleanse/tone, treat/repair and hydrate/protect to ensure that at each stage of your skincare regime you are getting the best results for your skin.



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