Neck, Back & Shoulders Aromatherapy Massage £25.00(30mins)
Using blend of essential oils we perform massage to reduce muscle tension.  
Full Body Aromatherapy Massage  £41.00(60mins)
Releases muscle tension & discomfort, reduces mental fatigue. Increases blood & lymph circulation. Full body massage using blend of essential oil design for your needs.  
Aromatherapy Relaxing Experience  £41.00(60mins)
Using our pure essential oils we perform back and neck massage follow by Anti-Stress facial and scalp massage. Lovely relaxing treatment.  
Use Lipomassage technology to permanently eliminate stubborn fat and cellulite that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting.   
Course of 10 treatments £423.00                    
Maintenance session £47.00(30mins)        
Body Wear £16.00
Course of LPG system has to be used in the first 6 months of purchase   
LPG System Breast Lift £55.00(60mins)
A breast modeling without surgery. Cellular regeneration LPG lift treatment for breast area followed by a Thermal Modeling Mask. Leaving the breast firmed and skin beautifully smooth.  
Back Deep Cleansing with extraction £52.00(90mins)
This treatment promotes deep pore cleansing using traditional extraction. Excellent treatment for an oily skin with excessive clogged pores. This includes cleansing, steaming,extraction, revitalising mask and re-conditioning.