Aromatheraphy Manicure                                                       



Restore tired hands and nails with this refreshing treatment. Nail and cuticle  care, relaxing hand massage and nail polish / french nail polish 

Add on for Luxury Hand Treatment with massage to every treatment

  A softening deep action for hands and nails choosing from:

 *Paraffin wax treatment.            *Amazing smell of Organique peeling and shea butter follow by heated  mitts(you can choose from uplifting Orange&Chilli or Tropical Mango or  Sensual Black Orchid)      *Voesh New York collagen gloves

 +£6.00   (15mins)
Japanese Manicure  £20.00 

This is an ancient technique which includes different minerals and vitamins being buffed into your natural nail plate. Perfect for those clients who cant have nail varnish as this method is completely clear with no additional color and gives a perfect shine of natural nails. 

SNS Nails French £26.00
SNS Nails Extension with SNS Colour  £36.00

SNS Nail Extension with Shellac on Top 

Shellac Manicure


File ans shape nails followed by cuticle work with shellac  finish. 

Strong Shellac Manicure £31.00 

File and shape nails followed by cuticle work with one layer of acrogel or SNS for extra strain and shellac on the top.

Shellac removal £20.00
Shellac is removed followed by a manicure  


Change of Nail Polish



Full Set of Acrylic Nails extension with shellac on the top




Full Set of Gel Extension with shellac on the top




Gel Overlays with Shellac


Acrylic Overlays with shellac on the top


Acrylic removal and Manicure




Acrylic or gel nails are dissolved in special solution followed by manicure  
1 Nail extension repair £5.00
1 shellac repair £2.50
Glitter / stamps included in price. Nail art hand painted from £1.00