Neck, Back & Shoulders Aromatherapy Massage £26.00
Massage therapy has a positive effects in managing anxiety, stress and promoting relaxation.Massage is also effective in modulating the physiological stress response as reflected in reduction of  heart rate and blood pressure. We love Aromatherapy, so using our essential oil blends you can feel even more relaxed and rejuvenated.
Full Body Aromatherapy Massage  £43.00

Releases muscle tension & discomfort, reduces mental fatigue. Increases blood  & lymph circulation. Full body massage using our Aromatherapy essential oil blend design for your needs will improves your well-being, will improve your sleep, will boost your immune system and helps your body recover more quickly. 




Aromatherapy Relaxing Experience  £43.00

During this lovely and relaxing treatment you will experience back&neck&shoulders massage and relaxing Anti-stress facial follow by a scalp massage. Facial treatment includes deep cleansing and exfoliation, relaxing face& neck& décolléte massage, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and uplifted.  We combine facial treatment and back massage with Aromatherapy oil blends to reduce level  of stress hormone cortisone and achieve deep relaxation.




LPG Lipomassage technology is created  to permanently eliminate stubborn fat and cellulite that is resistant to physical exercise and dieting. During the treatment we stimulate fat released tissue using the head rollers, you will be asked to do some exercises while we are working on you body. After the treatment you will need to burn up to 400calories within 3 hours. A combination of Lipomassage treatment, physical exercises ,low calories diet and drinking lots of water will help you shape your body.

Course of 10 treatments £423.00                    
Maintenance session



Body Wear £16.00

Course of LPG system has to be used in the first 6 months of purchase 


LPG System Breast Lift £55.00

A breast modeling without surgery. Cellular regeneration LPG lift treatment for breast area followed by a Thermal Modeling Mask. Leaving the breast  firmed and skin beautifully smooth.


Back Deep Cleansing with extraction £52.00
This treatment promotes deep pore cleansing using traditional extraction. Excellent treatment for an oily skin with excessive clogged pores. This includes cleansing, steaming,extraction, revitalising mask and re-conditioning.  (90mins) 
Organique Back & Décolleté & Hand Massage
Treat yourself with relaxing Back & Shoulders Massage to release muscle tension and mental fatigue.          Amazing scents of Organique shea butter for your hand spa and decolete & arms massage takes you to the world of your choice(Tropical Mango or Sweet Orange&Chilli or Sensual Black Orchid) will de-stress your mind and body.